Rent for a day Рstroller (single or double), wagon, baby carrier, toddler harness, etc.

Rent for a weekend – hiking backpack, bike trailer, life jacket, snow-sled, etc.

Rent for a week – crib, pack n play, iFly plane harness, baby gates, etc.

Rent for a month – fetal monitor, birthing pool and supplies, etc.

We keep a few items dedicated for rentals. Please call ahead for availability to ensure we have the items on hand. If you can call in advanced, we’ll do our best to get those items for you. We offer delivery.


Prices reflect a minimum 7 day rental period:

Crib (with mattress and sheets) – $35

Pack n Play (with sheets) – $13

Car Seat – $25

High Chair – $15

Swing – $17

Jumperoo – $15

Baby Gate – $15

Hiking Backpack – $15

Single Stroller – $17

Double Stroller – $25

Wagon – $25

An additional $1/day after 7 days will be charged after min rental rate has been met.





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