We buy new and bear-ly used children’s clothing NB up to Youth 14, maternity, baby equipment, furniture, toys, and accessories.

We generally accept trades the first two weeks of every month the 1st through the 15th.

Please have items freshly laundered, current styles and seasons, no holes or stains.

As a general rule of thumb if you wouldn’t buy it, we may not buy it either.

2 thoughts on “What we buy

    1. Hey Michael, if you haven’t traded with is before we take trade in’s the first 2 weeks of each month, the 1st through the 15th, during regular business hours. We give store credit on items like clothing, toys and items we have a surplus on. You have the option. For store credit or cash on equipment like strollers, highchair and cribs. You get more if you choose store credit. Currently we have a lot of nursing pillows, so I wouldn’t be able to give you cash on that item right now. If you’re interested in store credit you can come I’m any time during our our trade in weeks and I can check it out. Hope this helps! Hope you have a great weekend!


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