BOGO Whether you already cloth diaper and want try new brands or have never used a cloth diaper but have wanted to try…this sale if for you!

I am not a religious cloth diaper mom I am more of a hybrid. I am somewhere in-between. A busy mom with multiple kids in different training phases. The laundry upkeep is too much in those first 2 years (I am so over laundry after doing it at the store all day) So we primarily use disposables the first year or more.
But besides getting suckered into all the super adorable prints cloth diapers offer. This is how I cloth diaper and my reasons.

1. I think the all in ones are great swim diapers. Disposable swimmers are expensive, whether you go to the pool all the time or thrice during the summer when you buy a 20 pack your money is wasted. They average .75 a each. But with cloth you always have the right amount all the time.

2. Potty training. The trainers are easy to pull on and off, plus they are way cute and durable.

3. I have bed wetters. One wets most nights and another wets on a rare occasion. I use the trainers for both; I can deal with the occasional bed wetter at home fine but when we are traveling like at a hotel or camping where I don’t have access to laundry we use cloth for that. I don’t mind washing 1 or 2 diapers a day. I just can’t do load after load. Currently I don’t have time for that in my life.
I dont like spending money on pull ups or those larger diapers for one kid (or 2 kids) is too much for us. Either kid could stop wetting at any time or not for another year. But like the swim diapers your money is wasted on the expensive when pull ups averages .75 or more each.

4. Back ups. I have those days where we are down to our last diaper (cause I didn’t have time to shop) Our cloth diaper supply has saved me from having to run to Walmart at 10pm at night.

Thirsties, Bumgenius, GroVia, Nicki’s, Flip, Fuzzy Bunz, Alva, gDiapers, ProWrap, RumperRooz HipHuggers etc

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