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Semi Annual Grab Bag Sale – 2017

2017-Black Friday November 24th through November 30th (or while supplies last)

Medium Star Bags $12 and Large Bags $30

Youth sizes 7 and up are only $1


The Black Star bag is the NEW bag size for $12 grab bag .

White bag was used in previous $10 grab bag sale

 New bag verse old bag comparison


2017 -Grab Bag Set up



Quantity varies depending on size and bulk of items. How well you can roll and squeeze items into your bag 🙂 


“Shout out to Kid’s Trading Post!!! Went to their grab bag sale and bought 2 $10 bags and got a whole summer wardrobe for the little guy! 25 items for $20 is pretty awesome and I even put some things back, lots of cute clothes still available”

  • Natalie October 2015


A customer tagged me in this pic from what she got from our grab bag sale. She went with the larger $32 bag. I think I counted 36 items (.88¢ a piece)?



“My loot from yesterday’s grab bag sale: two shirts, one skirt, two dresses, one romper, three sun hats, four pairs of socks, and one pair of jammies, all for $10! Plus three pairs of half priced shoes If you’re thinking of going, hop to it! (Cat not included.)”

  • Keely S. March 2016


“29 pieces in the $30 grab a bag! 7 pairs of denim jeans! 4 other pairs of pants, overalls, a hoodie and a sweater, a rompers and a footie pajama, 10 tops, and 4 dresses! I got several different sizes so I’ll be prepared as she grows!
We also picked up an amazing swing that my baby girl is already in love with! Thanks Kid’s Trading Post! I know we’ll see you again soon!”

  • Sarah Lindsey march 2017


“1st time doing your grab bag! I got 45 pieces. Thank you!”

  • Corrina October 2015


“Oh yes we did shop today! Always great finds! Might come back tomorrow?!?!?! 2 $30 bags 83 pieces .72 cents each.”

  • Jackie March 2016


“Went to Kid’s Trading Post and got some awesome finds with their grab bag deal! So happy!”

  • Sarah March 2017


“The aftermath of the Grab Bag sale at Kid’s Trading Post today! Tara Tompkins made out with 4 dresses, 4 shirts, 3 skirts, and 2 pants for Timbi and Rowen got 15 pairs of shorts, 5 pants, 9 shirts, and 2 rompers. And we paid $15 each. All like new clothes. This is why I’m a thrift store junkie. My local mommies should go check out this sale! Going on today and tomorrow out in PV. Definitely worth it!”

  • Allie March 2016

grab bag 1

“Here’s my steal! All for $24! We got two of the $12 bags. We are completely prepared for our little mans arrival in September. For $24?!? I know, I wouldn’t believe it either. Yet here it is. 😍😍” 

  • Heidi N. June 2017